Highlight Reel Sample

Wedding Packages

The full quality HD video files will be provided through a file transfer email where they may be downloaded. USB drives with videos may also be requested.

  • Gold Package: includes two videos: one of the entire wedding event in chronological order and a second shorter highlight reel video (which is easier to watch with family and friends who may not want to watch the entire event and it can be uploaded to youtube, etc.).  The long video of the entire event includes multiple cameras to get different angles of the ceremony. Then two of us would each use a handheld camera to shoot the reception.  One shooter will be with the bride and bridesmaids before the event to shoot them getting ready as well as a shooter with the groom and groomsmen.

  • Silver Package: Includes only one shooter, with multiple angles of the ceremony and only one camera at the reception.  This will not include footage of preparation beforehand.  Since one person can only be in one place at a time, especially in the reception, usually not everything can be captured quite as smoothly as the Gold Package.

    This package will only include a video of the entire event - no highlight reel.

  • Bronze Package: One video of the ceremony only (no reception) with three camera angles.

* DVDs are available upon request: DVDs are standards definition and will not      retain full HD quality.

* Filming of rehearsal dinners may also be requested.

* Please inquire to discuss costs and possible travel fees.

* A 40% deposit is required to reserve the date of your event, and the rest may    be applied at any time prior to the delivery of the final edited videos.